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The Brand

Goya Direct is your one-stop shop for IT equipment that fit your budget. We offer custom server and workstation builds for both home-office and business use, and we do it using parts that we test and refurbish ourselves. Goya Direct stocks recent generation equipment from all major manufacturers, including Dell, HP, IBM, and more.

In addition to supplying a full range of server, storage and networking hardware and software from all the leading vendors, Goya Direct offers a complete range of IT support services. From hardware configuration services through to full IT outsourcing, we can accommodate all requirements at highly competitive rates backed by a professional and reliable service.

Contact Us

Telephone: +18665925569

Company Name: Nautica Alliance
Address: 14 Teheran-ro 84 Gil, Suit # 1041, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Business ID: 494-35-00191

Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm

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