Black Net Jacket Sleeved 18 inch Molex to 5 x 4-pins PWM CPU Case Cooling Fan Splitter Hub Power Adapter Cable w/ RPM Feedback


Power from PSU Molex 4-pin LP4,supporting five PWM fans from a single motherboard header
Since only one RPM signal can be read by one motherboard connector, only one  4 TIPS CONNECTOR of the fan splitter cable carries an RPM signal; thus the motherboard will only read the RPM signal of the PWM device that is connected to full 4-pin connector.
The other four male connectors are missing the pins of tachometric signal,ensure your fan speed monitor won’t bounce all over the place from getting three sense signals.Guarantee motherboard getting an accurate RPM signal.
Only one of the five fans sends its tach signal (the one with full 4-pin connector) reports its RPM, but the others will still follow the PWM signal.
TX4 4-pin female connect to motherboard for RPM feedback,allowing all fan speed to be synchronized with CPU load
Compatible with 4pin PMW fan connector and 3pin fan connector  (Due 3pins no PWM controller, 3pin fans would run in full speed.)
Power from PSU 12V DC only,do not utilize for 5V DC fan
Sleeved in a black is enhanced cable management,enclosure to provide a sleeker look that seamlessly integrates into the case’s interior
Color :black sleeved cable
Wire Gauge: 26AWG Tinned Copper – UL1007 Wire
Cable Length
Molex to 3 x 4pin fan power splitter cable,30CM
Molex to 4 x 4pin fan power splitter cable,40CM
Molex to 5 x 4pin fan power splitter cable,45CM
Connector A: 1 – Molex 4 pin LP4 Male
Connector B: 1 – TX4 4-pin Female for RPM feedback -Connect to motherboard
1- TX4 4-pin Male
Numbers – TX4 4-pin Male (3 wires only,missing the pin of tach)
Voltage:12V DC

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